Batch processing


You need a Bash shell or a Bourne (sh) shell. On Linux and Mac OSX, it is installed by default. On Windows, you need to install Git, which comes with a Bash emulation.

Get Git.

The command

From the Git bash shell, you will run a for loop to iterate on all files in the current directory. In the following example, we assume a directory structure such as :

|_ raw      the raw files (input)
|_ pro      the processed / inverted files (output)

Change to folder raw :

$ cd raw

Run the loop :

$ for f in *; do szdist -i $f -t rawstd -o ../pro/${f%".szr"}.csv; done

We loop over all files in the raw directory. The name of the current input file is stored in variable f. We assume that the extension of the input files is ".szr". The output file will be created in folder pro, with the same name as the input file, except its extension will be changed to ".csv".