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06:58 PM libszdist v0.11.0 is out
Change the build system from qmake to CMake, and produce a Windows installer for easy setup and use.
- Rename util...
06:50 PM libszdist libszdist-0.11.0-win32.exe
libszdist Windows installer
06:26 PM libszdist Revision c768a937 (libszdist): Change build system : move from qmake to CMake.
The previous build system, qmake, required Qt to be installed on some
platforms to build the project. On the other ha...
06:25 PM libszdist Revision c5837ec6 (libszdist): Set version v0.11.0.
06:24 PM libszdist Revision 3a63ce43 (libszdist): Remove obsolete qmake file.
06:23 PM libszdist Revision 36340c40 (libszdist): Update the copyright notice.
06:06 PM libszdist Revision d8e42940 (libszdist): Fix documentation.
- Change Doxygen input directory name to match source tree.
- Fix duplicate Doxygen cross reference.
04:57 PM libszdist Revision f6481faa (libszdist): Fix issue : duplicate package version.
Thanks to the CMake variable CMAKE_PROJECT_VERSION, introduced in v3.12,
the software package version is now set in o...
04:49 PM libszdist Revision 040b3a31 (libszdist): Upgrade the minimum CMake version to v3.12.
Set the minimum CMake version in the top folder directory only.
03:18 PM libszdist Revision 06e45f95 (libszdist): Update the readme file.

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