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17:28 libszdist v0.10.0 is out
The CPC calibration curve can now be set in a config file (INI type).
The workaround to the rebin bug (instrument of...
17:26 libszdist libszdist-v0.10.0.7z
CPC curve in config file
17:06 libszdist Révision b18dd213 (libszdist): Release v0.10.0 : CPC calibration curve can be set in config file.
- The CPC calibration can now be set in config file.
- Implement a workaround for SMPS lamp2005. Validated at ACTRIS ...
17:04 libszdist Révision 5b558765 (libszdist): Set version v0.10.0.
14:26 libszdist tsi3010_sn2257_20180314.ini
CPC calibration curve
14:22 libszdist Révision c41febb8 (libszdist): Update documentation.
14:22 libszdist Révision f4fc62f7 (libszdist): Update information message.
14:21 libszdist Révision 44711d35 (libszdist): Add CLI option -f to read a config file.
14:19 libszdist Révision 389b278d (libszdist): Read CPC calibration from config file.
Implement the reading of a INI type config file and set the CPC calibration
from this config file.
14:05 libszdist Révision e33d62b8 (libszdist): Add functions to set and get the CPC calibration curve.
It's now possible to specify a real CPC calibration curve without recompiling.

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